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Karla Face Chart Tutorial

Due to an overwhelming response from my ever-growing cult following, I have expanded my creative make-up design line with an All-in-One version of my celebrated debut product: Karlaย Face Charts! Following an exclusive, sell-out launch at IMATS in July, these new formats are now available to purchase online in the next week.ย 

Housed in the same sketchbook-style pad as their original counterpart, and printed on the same 200gsm textured card stock, the new all-in-one format features close-up prints for eyes and lips, allowing for incredibly detailed designing. The sheets are compatible with all cosmetic pigments and products- even wet glosses. The cover of each all-in-one pad depicts Powellโ€™s incredible Pop Art creation- a work of cosmetic art so detailed- its creation still causes debate across the beauty blogosphere.ย 

The talented Sherrie Sparkes who is a big fan of Karla Charts has kindly collaborated and demonstrated at tutorial into how to us her NEW All-in-One Karla Chart using cosmetics from POM Ltd. Click play above to learn lots of Face Chart tutorial tips.

The first Karla Charts released can be purchased from (Shipping Worldwide) OR (Shipping in Europe)

Do you own a Karla Chart pad yet?